Have you tried finding a fresh solution to your loss control
needs only to be left unimpressed with the websites you have reviewed? You are not alone because not much has changed in decades!

We take a non-traditional approach to a traditional practice. Not only do we thrive in providing great time service and quality at a good price, we help you engage your agent staff and policyholders into the risk management process as well.

Today, Gardner Group offers you multiple solutions based around price, technology, process improvement, mobile, cost savings and more.

Gardner Group is now providing inspection services in Texas!

Top 50 Personal Line Hazards Download


20% of the property defects cause 80% of the problems and claims in personal lines.  We build our loss control approach around identifying and documenting these defects in our reports.  When an agent or policyholder uses our app, the app helps identify these Hot Button Hazards.  Download this PDF and see the full list of hazards.

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Field Services

Each program you offer and each risk you write, needs to have a specific set of information gathered and evaluated.  The reports need to be concise.  The format needs to be flexible and able to change as you change.  We tailor our reports to your specific needs and provide time service well below the 30 days that is typically required.

We offer more options for Personal Lines inspections than any vendor.  Our ViewSpection app guarantees that your agent force will provide 10x the information they normally provide at submission.  Take the next step and let your policyholder walk you through their property.  Still need more?  Transition to our mobile or web based reports completed by Gardner field staff.

Small farm, big farm, corporate agriculture facility, we
have you covered with the in-depth and organized reports.  We meet your underwriter’s needs to have a report which makes multiple locations, and building facilities with a wide range of exposures, understandable and easier to write.

Our ViewSpection app gives your contractors, self-service report capabilities.  Get the same information that you get today with a phone interview, PLUS a full job site photo tour by the client.  And get it for a fraction of the cost of a typical phone survey.

If you want a job site survey as well, let our phone staff identify a current job site location and send a field inspector out to verify the information gathered in the interview as well as evaluate the job site safety practices.


Legacy, field based, loss control services are a necessary part of any good underwriting program.  However, the unintended consequences of inspections are that they are expensive, slow to be delivered, and often can cause friction with the agent and policyholder, etc.

ViewSpection makes your agent and policyholder inspectors.  And your vendor inspectors, better inspectors!

With our unique app, we boil every question down to an image and we can deliver both an exterior and interior survey of a property at submission at a fraction of the cost of traditional field surveys.

Reduce Costs by 4:1

Why continue to send an inspector out to a property when your best inspector lives there?  The policy holders photos rival those of the inspector and give you both an interior and exterior view of property

Self Service Inspections

In less than 15 minutes, the policyholder can complete a guided photo tour of their property and avoid having to arrange an appointment with an inspector which could disrupt their day.

Get Instant Valuations

Both the agent and the policyholder can easily calculate and agree on a valuation for the property with our instant valuation tool built right into ViewSpection.

Increase Retention

Service your clients at a higher level, meet their growing tech expectations and improve the customer experience.

Coverage Area

UPDATE: We just finished adding Texas to our coverage area at the request of a new customer.  From El Paso to Austin or Dallas to Padre Island, we have you covered.

Eight states and counting.  We add states as our current and new customer’s request.  If you have business to inspect, we will put staff in place to cover your needs.

Time Service

Time service is more than a number.  It is about how we manage our work flow.  The rubber meets the road on that one case on Friday morning that you are going to run out of time on this coming Tuesday.  What we can do for you then is what really counts.

You probably would be surprised at the number of touches we make on every case, to make sure there is productive, forward movement happening.  

We let you know the issues as they come along.  We really try to limit those Friday morning “surprises”.

Try 3 Inspections For FREE

Find out what partnering with Gardner Group is really like.  No risk.  No charge.  It is all upside! 

We will complete 3 surveys within our current operating area in a 30 day time frame at no charge.

All that is required is a phone call to set up the inspection requirements and a wrap up phone call once the surveys are delivered to you.

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